About the Book
Almost everyone would like to be in a relationship, but creating one that is healthy and happy can be a big challenge for many people. This book is for those singles who have been successful in life but who haven't been able to translate that success into creating the kind of relationship they would like. The ideas it puts forth aren't for everyone. The author presents an active, but practical, system that requires singles to take a hard, honest look at themselves and make preparing themselves for a healthy relationship the primary task. He then shows how they can use their newfound skills and confidence to create the relationship of their dreams.

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About the Author
Mark Sharp is a licensed clinical psychologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Houston. He has been providing therapy and counseling to couples, families and individuals for over twenty five years. He worked in a community mental health center for fourteen years where he was the coordinator of the child and adolescent therapy team. In addition to his clinical work and supervision of staff and students, he provided training and consultation to a number of community agencies and schools. Dr. Mark started in part time private practice in 1992 while maintaining a full time agency job.

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This page includes some useful resources, including a workbook for use along with the book, an attachment questionnaire, and a report on what to look for if you want a counselor or coach to help you in your relationship journey.

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The blog will soon be updated with information about the progress of the book.

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